Foot Pain

Foot Pain:
A thorough history and assessment by our physiotherapists here at Louth
physiotherapy clinic will help identify the root cause of your foot pain. The first thing
we consider is where the pain is located. Here are the most common locations of
foot pain.

Heel Pain:
If you have pain in your heel, you may have plantarfascitis. This is an irritation of a
band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. It usually is worse in the
morning when you get out of bed. It is common to also feel this type of pain in the
arch of your foot. If you have this diagnosis, your physiotherapist will be able to
provide you with stretches and manual therapy techniques to help relieve the pain.

Pain at the ball of your foot:
This can often present as metatarsalgia. Usually this is a result of ill-fitting shoes or
strenuous activities such as running or jumping.
Another common cause of pain at the ball of your foot is Morton’s neuroma. This is
when there is a thickening of tissue around the nerves between the base of the toes.
You will typically feel pain, odd sensations or numbness over the ball of your foot if
you have this presentation. It is more common in women and can be because of
wearing high heels or tight shoes.

Arch Pain:
Plantarfascitis is the most common cause of arch pain. This can be common in
people with fallen arches. We here at Louth Physiotherapy can advise if orthotics
would be a suitable treatment for you, as well as providing you with appropriate

Toe Pain:
Gout, which a form of arthritis, can cause pain in the toe, especially the big toe.
Crystals collect in the toe joints, causing severe pain and swelling. The big toe is
often affected.
A bunion is also a common cause of toe pain this is a bony bulge along the edge on
the foot, next to the base of the big toe. Anyone is susceptible to these especially if
you wear ill-fitting shoes.