Our custom made orthotics are as accurate as glasses. Custom made orthotics help support the bones in your feet and create proper alignment. We make orthotics to reposition the foot structure to reduce the stress and pain on the joints that are causing the discomfort.

How do Orthotics Work?

Your orthotic will gently and consistently hold your foot into the optimum position and allow the foot to function correctly when walking, running and standing. With the help of your orthotics, pressure points, improper rotation of feet and muscle strain can be eliminated and the feet will then be functioning as they were designed to do. Once you are used to wearing them you will find them so comfortable that you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

How long will I have to wear them?

No one knows. Orthotics work in the same way as glasses, the optician prescribes glasses to help you see but they do not cure your vision. Orthotics work in the same way they help you function in a better way and will continue to work as long as you wear them or as long as you wish to avoid discomfort.

Orthotics for Your Life Style

Your orthotics will be designed for your shoe type and made to function for that type of shoe. If you require other designs for other activities we are used to catering for most activities.